The Sketch Files

A short collection of absurd skits.


Written & Directed by Thomas Midena
Director of Photography: Nathaniel Kelly
1st AC/Clapper Loader: Jacob Hazeldine
2nd AC: Maxwell Conaghan

Jackson Clayfield

Kurt Ramjan
Zoe Mitchell
Jordan Sorby

Timothy Fishlock
Nathaniel Kelly as Grandma Wilborough
Thomas Midena as Mindfulness Voice

Tahlee Fereday
Max Lowe
Lexie Gregory
Jarrah Fowler

Thomas Midena

Joseph Baronio
Nathaniel Kelly

used under Creative Commons

Dance Of The Stargazer & Stardust by U.S. Army Blues

Ragtime Dance by Scott Joplin

Taxidermy (Instrumental) by Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Yvelines & We Wanna Change The World by Fierbinteanu

Everyone Is Sleeping by Simon Panrucker

This video uses these SOUNDS from Freesound:

Few short Laughs and mighty Laughs.mp3 by J.Zazvurek

Party Crowd 1.wav by Kolezan

Party Crowd 2.wav by Kolezan

Construction Site.WAV by ArcLegend05

Grassy Footstep 1 by OwlStorm

Grassy Footstep 2 by OwlStorm

Grassy Footstep 3 by OwlStorm

Footsteps_dirt.wav by xDimebagx

footstep-concrete.wav by swuing

dirt/gravel footstep 3 by Yoyodaman234

weak wind by mario1298

Brick-Drop-Concrete-02.wav by D W

CassetteRewind.flac by acclivity

Bones breaking by VlatkoBlazek

Headbanging 2.wav by Benboncan

camera_snap1.wav by thecheeseman

Sadness by vikuserro

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