The Insanity Project

Charlie is recruited into a puzzlingly formidable experiment lead by Dr Maxwell, who has created something far beyond his own control.

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Written & Directed by Thomas Midena
Director of Photography: Nathaniel Kelly
Assistant/Clapper/Best Boy: Maxwell Conaghan

Lexie Gregory · Charlie Wilson
Andrew King · Dr Leonard Maxwell
Adam Drake · Phillip Dunley
Saurav Kundu · Harry Lasington
Jasper Martin · James Laker
Joseph Baronio · Xander O'Connor
Alessia Allfree · Juno Verbana
Macon Riley · Brody Carlow
Zoe Mitchell · Kirsten Riley
Tahlee Fereday · Chanel Worthing
Courtenay Wang · Cassandra Maxwell
Jack Wang
Jarrah Fowler
Michael Kunnikorn
Tully Hemsley
Christopher Stennett
Mikiah Lawrence
Tori Crisp
Alicia Ruta
Alexander Williams

William Justin Crooks
Jasper Martin
Wang Family
Midena Family
Kelly Family

licensed under Creative Commons

Juno by Chronox

Insanity by Thomas Midena

Gravity by Snakecharm

Hunger Pains by Audiobinger

Maze by Snakecharm

Seeing The Bigger Picture by Big Mean Sound Machine

Take Five by Butumbaba

Free by Thomas Midena

Undermined by JimiMod

Morning City by Sergey Cheremisinov

Run by Ross Bugden

Search and Fight by Sergey Cheremisinov

Expedition by Jan Morgenstern

Escape by Sergey Cheremisinov

North by Sergey Cheremisinov

Crystal Echoes by Sergey Cheremisinov

Moonlight by Sergey Cheremisinov

Sea Night by Sergey Cheremisinov

Cocek by The Underscore Orkestra

Black Planet by Sergey Cheremisinov

Good News by Miami Slice

Take Five by Kiril Valeri & Jenny Djambazova

Mitch Martinez

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